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Most Common Drywall Problems

Most Common Drywall Problems
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Drywall is a durable and affordable construction material that’s popularly used on walls and ceilings. It’s known by other names, including gypsum board, Sheetrock, wallboard and plasterboard. Although these materials are sturdy, you may also encounter some problems, from small cracks to water damage. Here are some of the most common issues encountered on wallboards and their fix.

1. Drywall Joints Failing or Too Tight Joints

Most Common Drywall ProblemsPlasterboard joints are joined together by tape and mud. These joints are placed over studs for support. There are instances in which the joints don’t fall on top of a stud. Securing the joints together without the support of a stud could cause the joints to fail in just a short period. To prevent this from happening, proper measurement and planning should be done to ensure that the joints would fall on top of the studs. In case it doesn’t fall under the stud, insert a stud or at least a 1 by 1 to give the joints support. Joints that are too tight on the other hand may cause the drywall to break. There should be 1/8-inch space between the panels to avoid the said problem. 

2. Over-sanding Wallboard Paper

After applying the joint tape, mud compound is added next. Once it dries, it’s sanded to achieve a flat and smooth finish before priming and painting. However, when sanding, some people do this excessively not realizing that they are already sanding the surface of the wallboard itself. This could cause damage and it can be prevented by using a light below the area you’re working on. That way, you’ll be able to clearly see the bumps that need to be smoothened and avoid damaging the plasterboard.

3. Plasterboard Water Stain

Water stain can be caused by being in contact with water for a short period. While this may not be as serious as water damage, it could still affect the overall appearance of your home. Your eyes or the eyes of your visitors could be drawn on the stain. The good news is that there are products available that can be used to eliminate these stains. After applying these products, you could finish painting, including textured paint and faux finishes.

4. Wallboard Water Damage

Wallboards can be damaged due to excessive water contact. This could cause the wall or ceiling to collapse. Moreover, this could cause mold to grow, which is not only unsightly, but may also put your family’s health at risk.

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