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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Your house will look new again with our drywall service

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"I just moved into town and I bought a fixer upper type home. It had been through a pretty rough time but had a great foundation. The walls and ceilings were in pretty bad shape so after I got the roof fixed I called you to do some drywall work for me. You were very reliable, professional and attentive. Thanks for a job done well." Frank S. Turner

"I liked your attitude from the very start. I called you to do some drywall repair on my garage and you let me know straight out what you could do and how fast you could do it. You did not beat around the bush and did not try to oversell me. I am very happy with the work you provided." Lisa J. Peterson

"When I finally realized had a leaky roof and it was ruining the walls in the rear of my house it was too late to save those walls. I needed a drywall contractor so I ask around. Everyone I talked to said you were the one for the job so I gave you a buzz. You came right out and looked the house over. You provided a fair estimate, I accepted and you ended up doing a fantastic job."

"I build homes for a living and I go through a lot of different contractors. Normally it is because their quality is no good or they cannot show up when needed. That is why I was so happy when I found you. You are very reliable and turn out excellent drywall work. I will be using you and your drywall service from now on." Cyrus R. Hart

"I can't believe the great job you did on our drywall project. You and your crew did a great job of working with my schedule and trying to communicate every step of the process. We were pleased with your professional approach and the way you kept the work area so tidy and clean. You did great work and we could not have asked for better." Evan S. Walker

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